The Emperor has no clothes, and neither does Muffy Vandeverre

WJIL[reposted from WebJunction Illinois' blog, dated May 3, 2007]

Innovation and open-mindedness are essential in our business. A dose of honesty never hurts either. So, here comes my confession and thoughts.

I started my Second Life about six months ago. I was anxious to join people on Info Island and demonstrate this emerging technology and means of interaction as I spoke to library groups. I created my avatar (free of course) and jumped right in. I didn’t need an orientation, I just wanted to get to the cool library stuff.

Thus, Muffy Vandeverre was born. She is a furry. As I prepared my demonstration I was horrified as I tried to change my scandalous outfit. Wardrobe malfunction took on a whole new meaning as pieces of clothing slipped off while I frantically tried to cover-up. I was one of those kids who dreamed about giving a speech in front of their 5th grade class with only their underwear on. With nowhere else to turn, I relied on my tech-savvy socially-networked 17-year old daughter. Not even she could return my dignity and leave me with an outfit that my mother would approve of. Never in a million years would I consider myself satisfied with hot pants and a tube top, but that was the best we could do. Actually, I was finally successful in getting a Bradley University Library t-shirt. It must be 100% cotton and I think someone dried it on high – it looks more like painted skin.

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