Zafen – It’s Our Business

Put this in the category of “Excellent people doing excellent work.”

DePaul University is commemorating the 350th anniversary of Vincent de Paul’s and Louis de Marillac’s deaths by creating opportunities to collaborate in support of microfinance programs geared towards Haitian development, with emphasis on direct funding for Haitian business and education initiatives.

The website,, provides a gateway for matching projects with donors.  Search for projects which match your passion and track progress to bring these initiatives to reality.

Special thanks and kudos to David Miller and Marty Kalin for writing the code to manage the matching and tracking process of projects.  Their minds are sharp and quick – they probably designed this on a napkin and wrote the code one weekend. While some of us were pulling weeds preparing for spring gardens, they planted seeds that will grow for lifetimes.

I just helped fund a “non-wood Charcoal Production” project. During the process I found some really neat networking features. It grabbed my gravatar image and it allows you to create teams. Ok, old DePaul ACS gang, I’m recruiting you to help.

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