Reconnect – Reskin

Before & AfterMy college roommate was an artist and graphic designer, long before computers did that sort of thing. She moved to Colorado and we lost touch, because we didn’t have facebook, linkedin, twitter or back then. This past summer we reconnected as I was determined to track her down and was successful.

She is the owner of two design firms and after we reconnected, we collaborated. And, I must say it was great to work with her staff, catch up with years of work and family stories, and forge a new partnership.

Watermark International partnered with BellCow, Inc. on a recent website reskin project for Prospect Heights Public Library. We were able to work together to minimize recoding of pages since the pages were based on site templates using include files and css.

Terry’s other firm, InTandem, specializes in target marketing through effective use of social media.

So if you are looking for a website face lift or a message make-over, we can provide the team to make it happen.

Life Lessons of Work

This has been a rough week for Illinois libraries. The North Suburban Library System, as all Illinois library systems, is in crisis – they have not received much of their funding for their fiscal year which ends in one month. We hear these stories in the news each night in our state, highlights of educational and social service organizations who face huge layoffs and reduction of services because our state is not able to fulfill its fiscal obligations.

No matter how many advocates our library community has, or how many politicians we urge to take action, or how many creative strategies we envision for reinventing our organizations and reduring reliance on state funding – we are stuck in the middle of a broken system.

It takes strong leaders to admit this reality and make hard decisioins that affect staff and members they serve. Those who refuse to compromise quality are commended.

The lessons: work hard, form partnerships, share expertise, and move on.

Best wishes to all my colleagues who will be contributing in new ventures soon – be proud of your legacy and start building the next.

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