Mindful of the Message

IT director, project manager, grant writer, teacher, mentor, tech support … mom. I take my job(s) seriously, especially the last one listed – mom. That is why I find the Clear.com commercials so offensive that I can’t ever imagine using their service or supporting their company. I have such a visceral disdain for the message those commercials portray of the busy working mom. I tweeted about this a couple of months ago, but today I saw that not only have these commercials persisted, they’ve added another vignette of the self-absorbed working mom.

Let me set the stage for the two people in the commercial:

Jeff – working dad racing to get to a meeting on a business trip away from home. His “lame” boss lost the presentation so Jeff connects to his work computer, downloads the file and is ready for the meeting. And, in the cab ride he has time to video chat with his young son. Isn’t Jeff a great guy and a great dad!

Wendy – sitting at home with her netbook, she’s booking a girl’s weekend away. She gets a reminder to pick up her daughter after band practice. She is clearly annoyed. She parks in front of the school and is checking out party dresses for the trip. Her excited daughter runs to greet her with tuba in tow. Mom rolls eyes – the online ordering got disrupted. So, what message is this sending to working women? I’m certainly not amused.

Now, fast forward a few months of seeing these offensive commercials and today an update. Wendy is searching for spas to attend with the girls. She states how happy she is not to be going to a water park. Well, Wendy you are a loser and so is Clear.com in my book. Any ad campaign that would run such offensive gender-based personality profiles hasn’t a clue about marketing.

Oh, how I’d love to be at a water park with my almost-21 year old daughter right now!

Perspective & the Results of our Actions

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Today I followed a tweet from the University of Virginia that showed what geographic area the Gulf oil disaster would affect if it was centered at UVa’s Rotunda. Using the same site, here’s what it would affect on Day 51 if it was centered in my own back yard.

Think of every animal, plant and human in that geographic area being adversely affected. It is frightening and infuriating.

The situation illustrates how systems and people fail – not deliberately but regularly. What does that mean in our own daily lives and work responsibilities? We can’t wait till things break to fix problems.

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