Retro Fun

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Spring cleaning has uncovered some newsletter archives from 1984. Pyrotechnics, a brilliant or sensational display, as of rhetoric (The Random House Dictionary), was published for 9 academic years (1983-1991) by Academic Computer Services at DePaul University. The articles are quite entertaining in today’s state of technology.

Especially loved this classified:

“ACS is selling terminals, which for a variety of reasons we no longer need.
Prices range from $75 to $450. In addition, we have a limited
quantity of 300 baud acoustic modems for sale at $40 each.”

So, when you bemoan the cost of the iPad, just think, 26 years ago, you could have purchased a terminal for the same price – and, yes there is a reason they were called “dumb terminals.”

Can’t help but appreciate those computer graphics, created on the original Macintosh.

Vax 11/780 - Cygnus

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