Visit to Fountaindale

Rob Zschernitz from NSLS and I had a great visit with Paul Mills. Paul is the Technology Services Manager at Fountaindale Public Library District in Bolingbrook, IL. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul for the past decade when he was at the Prairie Area Library System. It was great to visit a friend and see his excitement in leading technology initiatives at Fountaindale.

And, what networking manager wouldn’t be excited with the clean canvas in front of him. Fountaindale is building a new library and it promises to be quite a showcase. With great leadership and a supportive community, this library is already a showpiece of great Illinois libraries at work – can’t wait to revisit when the new building is open.

Libraries I Love – The British Library

British LibraryThe British Library is one of those places I want to work when I grow up, or start over with my next life.

The King’s Library displayed behind glass in the center of the public space is my favorite part of the library. Knowing that only library staff are allowed into the King’s Library makes me want to work there even more.

The gallery of treasures is indeed that. Highlights for me included the sacred texts – such a wide and varied collection of early religious texts. The diverse style and art is amazing.

The pristine original wood blocks made by John Tenniel as illustrator for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland were displayed. Thought to be long destroyed, they turned up in 1981 in the bank vault where the publisher first stored them back in the 1860s. Dodgson’s (Carroll) hand drawn drawings on the original manuscript definitely set the mood for these beautiful illustrations. With the release of the new Alice in Wonderland movie, “Alice” history and London pride of ownership was pronounced.

Seeing John Keats’ letters and then watching “Bright Star” as my in-flight movie selection on the way home brought those mournful words to life.

And of course, for me, I always notice the “Way Out” signs. Seeing those just makes me want to go crazy instead of follow orderly toward an exit.

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