Social Networking: Sharing Knowledge is Power
“It isn’t who you know, but who you share what you know with.” The groundswell of libraries and library professionals engaged in social networking is largely attributed to the maturation of the toolset. The real opportunity comes in our ability to leverage these tools, and the connections they enable, into meaningful dialogue, knowledge growth and exchange, and personal and organizational development… (Read)

We are the Web: An Overview of Web 2.0
The 1985 USA for Africa collaboration, “We are the World” brought musicians together from various genres to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia. Twenty plus years later, the model for delivering the message, not to mention the song and video, is significantly transformed. Let’s visualize how the experience and deliverables of “We are the Web” would differ from “We are the World.” … (Read)

Wikipedia: Poster Child for Web 2.0
This is not an article debating the pros and cons of Wikipedia. Instead, it is a commentary on new models and how we must adjust our teaching and learning styles to be effective contributors to the collective intelligence being built via web services. … (Read)

Uncovering the Secret Ingredient for Successful Libraries
One of my fondest childhood memories is of my grandma’s sugar cookies. I wondered where she kept the secret huge cookie cutter that made perfectly round 6-inch cookies. Each flawless, the same size, arrived neatly packaged in a homemade cookie jar. All this coming from my “fancy grandma” – the one with the evening gowns and gold-lamé shoes – made it even more spectacular. I asked about the special cookie cutter on more than one occasion, but no one ever seemed to know what I was talking about. Then, one day my grandma invited me to help with the baking. Imagine my wonder when she pulled out an empty Folgers coffee can and cut each plump cookie. This time, I got to decorate the “cookie jar” and load the freshly-baked cookies back into the coffee can. … (Read)

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